Turnkey Marketing Consulting Services

Report & Refine

Improve Your Insight, Improve Your Results

Based on your feedback and our discovery we will create a marketing strategy and plan that fits within your budget then execute. LEARN MORE >

Most companies, regardless of size, can benefit from an expert marketing strategy. With Turnkey Marketing Strategies you get the expertise without adding headcount. 

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​​Turnkey Marketing Consulting Services

Acquiring a new customer is five times more expensive than retaining an existing one.

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Strategy & Execution

Discovery & Research

We will analyze the results report back to you and refine as needed This turnkey process is designed to give you the best return on investment.

The Turnkey Process

The Turnkey process begins with discovery. We will meet with you to discuss your goals and objectives, do our own research and possibly survey your customers or stakeholders.   

A division of Turnkey Marketing Strategies, Turnkey Surveys uses customized surveys to help companies measure customer experience. Surveying customers helps companies better understand their needs and find opportunities to improve their experience and increase customer satisfaction and retention. LEARN MORE >