Increase Your Attendee Satisfaction, Increase Your Bottom Line

Trade Shows – Conferences – Fairs –  Events – Association Meetings
Surveying your attendees gives you direct feedback and allows you to make improvements. Keeping your attendees satisfied builds loyalty and increases your bottom line. Turnkey Surveys can help you gather feedback at your trade shows, conferences, meetings and events and help you make smarter decisions that affect your attendees’ experience. With more than 15 years of event marketing experience, Turnkey Surveys can take your event surveys to the next level.

Conference Evaluations – Speaker Assessments – Content Management
Any good event organizer knows quality conference content is essential to providing a memorable attendee experience. Dynamic speakers presenting that content is key. Conference evaluations after every session allows attendees to rate the content and speakers and give you the feedback you need. Turnkey Surveys can create custom conference evaluations with real-time results onsite so you can keep a pulse on the program as it happens and review detailed reports after the event to help you plan for future conferences. 

Turnkey Project Management

Turnkey Surveys can manage all aspects of your customer experience program. We'll work with you to create a survey to get the information you need from your customers. We'll build the survey, distribute it, monitor the feedback and use the data to create a report you can understand and use. Our proprietary software allows us to tailor solutions specific to each client.

Question Types- More than 10 different question/answer formats allows us to customize your survey to ask the right questions every time.

Advanced Survey Logic- Turnkey Surveys can personalize the survey to increase completion rates by not offering up irrelevant questions.

Alerts- Real-time email alerts allow you to get instant feedback on specific questions.

Survey Distribution-
Turnkey Surveys will administer your survey onsite at any event with touch screen computers. Surveys can also be distributed by email, with links on your website, social media sites, through text message for mobile devices or via kiosks.

Text and Mobile Surveys- Turnkey Surveys can set up a customized text program where attendees will receive a link to take the survey on a mobile device. The surveys are optimized for mobile devices making it easier to provide instant feedback.

Custom Reporting and Analysis-
We’ll work with you to provide the reports and insights you need in the format you want. 


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Established in 2001, Turnkey Surveys is a division of Turnkey Marketing Strategies. For 17 years, Turnkey Surveys has been helping companies understand their customers to better connect with them. Understanding your customer is key to how you communicate with them, market to them, sell to them and ultimately how successful you are with them.



Extras- Turnkey Surveys has extra customization available depending on your needs:

  • Multi-lingual surveys
  • Picture/video questions
  • Quizzes- including grading
  • Customizable backgrounds, start/end screens, headers and footers
  • Sponsorship opportunities

Don’t see something listed that you need? Just ask, we can make it happen!

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Acquiring a new customer is five times more expensive than retaining an existing one. 

Improve Your Insight, Improve Your Results

Customer Service Surveys – Citizen Polls – Opinion Research

Turnkey Surveys can help you create a customer experience program allowing you to respond to issues, enhance your products and services and strengthen your relationship with existing customers.

Member Surveys – Demographics – Subscriber Feedback 

Collecting information from your membership or subscribers can help you gauge industry trends, look for opportunities in advertising and marketing, measure brand awareness and better understand their behaviors.